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Many developing countries encourage creativity and resourcefulness to create unique functional products with interesting designs. These include handbags, fashion accessories, footwear, homewares, and other accessories that are carefully crafted within cooperatives set up in depressed areas.

My Ecofriend is a small and reliable company specializing in bags, utility boxes, baskets, bowls, jewellery, office accessories, wine bags, garden bags, and accessories from cooperatives that helps the poor by bridging the gap between these communities and the marketplace. My Ecofriend showcases the talents and innovation of these craft persons to the rest of the world.

The range of products My Ecofriend has sourced are made from recycled papers, old magazines, old telephone directories, used newspapers, chips packets, vinyl, jute, rice bags, flour bags, plastic bottles, wine bottles, and juice packs - a non-biodegradable foil and plastic packaging. Reusing these materials means they are not discarded into landfills or incinerated. The juice packs come in a number of fruity flavours and after cleaning, are mixed and matched to create a large variety of colourful bags and fashion accessories.

Our products are made by several women's environmental cooperative. More than 3000 women and their families benefit from the regular work and fair wages for what they produce. They also receive a number of other benefits such as health insurance, skills training, and an educational scholarship programme for their children.

By buying a fairly traded product from My Ecofriend you can be sure that you are helping to improve the lives of these disadvantaged women and their families. Indeed with resourcefulness, trash has been turned into attractive and useful items.





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